PoE-BPL: G.hn Wave 2 | HPAV2

« IoT » projects, Digital School, WiFi or LiFi wireless networks: increased connectivity needs in the industrial, Education and Health sectors.


Whether new or in the process of rehabilitation, buildings are connected tp High-Speed networks (like the Internet) by RJ45 cable pull and optical fiber, for distances greater than 90 meters.

On the other hand, apart from electrical compliance work, the wiring of old premises is often much more complex and expensive :

  • Buildings « classified » or « registered » as Historical Monuments (museums, « Jules Ferry period » schools),
  • Requirement to do infrastructure work in the absence of the occupants (schools, hospitals, hotels)
  • Early deadline (grants subject to work completion).

Similarly, the need to add wired access points and more often Wi-Fi (or Li-Fi) terminals, in unwired areas of recent or renovated buildings, can be a strong>major obstacle to the starting of a new project:

  • Implementation of interactive terminals for school cafeterias
  • Wireless coverage of the false ceiling of a meeting room in Li-Fi, for example,
  • Addition of Wi-Fi Access Points as part of digital tablets deployment.

PoE-BPL: G.hn Wave 2 alternative offers | High-performance HPAV2

With a bandwidth often exceeding 100 Mbps, equipped with advanced IP features (VLANs, QoS) combined with high-performance three-phase coupling devices, PoE-Tic's BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) or professional PLC (Powerline) infrastructures are an efficient and powerful alternative that simply and economically meets all these new connectivity needs.

On behalf of its founder – Dominique Le Bourse -, several hundred installations in schools, industries, Health and the Hospitality sector, give PoE-Tic the know-how and expertise required to successfully complete the digitalization projects of companies and communities, under the name PoE-BPL.

Principles of a MiMo BPL installation

BPL injection or repeating devices are installed in main electrical panels (TGBTs) and divisional cabinets.

MiMo (Multiple-Input / Multiple-Output) technology, makes it possible to significantly increase the bandwidth by using the ground circuit as a data conductor. The BPL signal (pro CPL) is then injected into the Neutral, one or three Phases and the Earth of a single or three-phase electrical installation.

In the case of an extended construction, special single- and three-phase coupling devices ensure signal broadcasting to ensure optimal coverage of several buildings.

Finally, powerful error correction systems make it possible to protect the BPL installation from any electrical disturbances, particularly on ancient installations.

Whether in project management or project support, PoE-Tic combines its innovative and exclusive offers with the values of Trust, Excellence and Sustainability that it shares with all its certified partners.

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