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BPL infrastructure without RJ45 cable pull

  • Classrooms or « registered buildings » (such as museums) Networking,
  • Access to the Internet and the patient’s file from the hospital bedroom,
  • Video protection cameras, WiFi or LiFi access points interconnection,
  • Integration of a BPL/WiFi network into the electrical boxes of a construction site,
  • IoT gateways IP connection to the corporate network,
  • Remote collection and telemetry through an MV electrical network (medium voltage 25 kV),
  • High-speed communication with underwater robots or aerostats (i.e « weather » balloons),
  • Ships at berth electrical and Internet connection,
  • ...

LiFi, BPL/LiFi (or BPL/WiFi) wireless network

  • A wireless LiFi, additinal to WiFi, network, in schools or hospitals,
  • An alternative to WiFi to limit exposure to electromagnetic waves,
  • Mixed BPL and LiFi solutions to connect LiFi (and/or WiFi) spotlights to the network via 220 V and/or Very Low Voltage 12 / 24 V lighting circuits,
  • ...

"Sober" WiFi network

Offer an exclusive and universal device to turn off WiFi remotely or from a classroom to ensure compliance with the

Abeille Law legislation "related to the sobriety, transparency, information and consultation on electromagnetic waves exposure".

Within the partnership contractual framework - under the title "PoE-T" -, PoE-Tic helps you - including during roll-outs - to guarantee your projects success.

For resellers who do not have the necessary human resources to carry out these deployments, we market our products offers with a set of value-added services, produced by certified installers. Their Quality of Service and Compliance with the Standards are guaranteed by PoE-Tic.