Devenez installateur « PoE-T »

You are a low / high power installer, electrician, domotician and want to increase your market share, with professionals in the public or private sector.

As a supplier and prime contractor, PoE-Tic is looking for companies of all sizes, certified and organized to meet the requirements of schools, hospitals or buildings open to the public.

Our installations implement alternative IT network infrastructures such as BPL (Broadband over Power Lines / pro PLC), associated with WiFi or LiFi (Light Fidelity) wireless networks. These deployments require compliance with high power specific standards and Computer networks skills. It is on this point that we want to support you by bringing our expertise, standard equipments and exclusive devices to you, guaranteeing optimal and long-lasting performance.

Your services are carried out according to an agreed-on pricing, common to all our partners:

  • pre-sales audit,
  • feasibility tests,
  • deployment,
  • production follow-up / maintenance contract.

Plus que de « simples » sous-traitants, vous serez formés et agréés sur nos différentes offres pour  faire partie d’un véritable réseau de partenaires ; spécialistes sur leurs territoires géographiques respectifs : le réseau « PoE-T ».